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Beautiful Contradictions

There is something magical about freshly falling snow. There is a stillness and a quiet the permeates the whole surroundings. It's peaceful, serene. At least until someone picks up a snowball.

About 2 years ago, our family moved to Alide, Virginia and bought a house on a small dead end road with 3 other families. These families all had children of varying ages, came from different places and by some strange twist of fate, are all wonderful and inspiring human beings. So when they found out that we were starting a new photography business, naturally they were wildly supportive.

Two brave troopers exploring with me on my first shoot in the snow

The first snow of 2019 inspired a few members of our little tribe to take a trek outside and explore the neighborhood. In the peace and wonder of the falling snow I was able catch a glimpse of my neighbor and her sons in what seemed like their element; outside, together and happy.

Some people in this world just have a smile that you can't look away from.

Frances and her two sons are radiant people. They seem comfortable in any gathering of our little group. They are welcoming, easy to talk to and smile with their entire faces (as you can easily see), not only creating beautiful moments to capture with the camera but also priceless memories for me as the photographer. Even though I am a complete wimp when it comes to the cold, I could not stop smiling and laughing.

When looking at the images of the boys, I was struck by how effortlessly they seem to bounce back and forth between kids and young adults. I guess it must be the age; those early teenage years full of learning about who you want to be and who your people really are. In quiet moments, I see glimpses of the men they will become. They are thoughtful and have a calming presence that makes you want to know what going on in their heads. And then, in a split second, they are off running down the road, playing and laughing madly.

When starting this venture, I was looking for a way to connect with people and their story. People are amazing and complicated and I am inspired on a daily basis by those who strive to show that through photography while giving people a way to look back and truly see themselves. And while I'm sure I'm just taking the first steps along the road to doing just that, I'm so encouraged by Frances and the boys who were willing to share a part of themselves to help. I learned to look and listen and to keep shooting.

And I learned to duck.

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